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What are the advantages of graphite mould?

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The Graphite Sintering Mold materials used in diamond tool manufacturing are mainly graphite materials with ultra-fine particle structure, high purity and high degree of graphitization. The average diameter of graphite mold material is less than 15 microns, or even less than 10 microns, and the average pore diameter is less than 2 microns. The graphite mould made of the carbon material has the advantages of small porosity, compact structure, high surface finish, strong oxidation resistance, etc. The average service life can reach 30 ~ 40 times.

Electron sintered graphite molds and transistor supports can be made from artificial graphite materials with minimal thermal deformation. At present, they are widely used and have become indispensable materials for the development of semiconductor industry.

The electronic sintered graphite mould of hot-pressed sintered diamond cutter has double functions of heating element and die support in the manufacturing process of diamond cutter. The quality of graphite mould directly depends on the size accuracy and appearance shape of diamond cutter.


Graphite Crucible is a container used for melting and casting non-ferrous, non-iron metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, and brass. The main reason graphite crucibles are popular as a manufacturing tool is their thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient for high temperature applications, and their anti strain properties to rapid heating and cooling. They are corrosion resistant to acids and alkaline solutions and have excellent chemical stability.

Graphite can be produced from natural graphite that is a naturally occurring crystalline form of carbon. This form of graphite is manufactured by combining graphite with fire resistant clay or carbon dioxide.

Synthetic graphite is produced by processing petroleum pitch and petroleum coke, which are byproducts of the oil refining process. It has a purer high fixed carbon content with very few impurities and a low sulphur content.


Types of graphite pipes:

There are two types of Graphite Pipe Ring Screw Sleeve Rods: one type is machined graphite pipes from raw block graphite material. graphite materials can be: Isostatic graphite, Molded graphite, Extruded graphite, Vibration graphite, mechanical graphite and carbon brush materials. Another type of graphite pipe is resin extruded graphite pipes, with powder and graphite powder mixed together, then graphitized in high temperature. this type of graphite pipes is mainly used for heat exchangers, and can be with bigger length compared to the first type. It can reach a length of 6-7meters.

Machined graphite pipes is produced from graphite material, so it has the characteristics of graphite material.
Graphite and its products with high strength and acid resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature 3000 and low temperature -204 and other fine features, are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, high-energy physics, aerospace, electronics and so on.